Services and Specialties

When Nature Calls Pest Control ® offers high quality service and utilizes successful methods of integrated pest management (IPM) for solving customer issues with nuisance wildlife and other general pests like rodents and insects. WNCPCs application of IPM involves a balanced approach to each problem by seeking to protect the safety/health of clients and the integrity of their property while using control methods that have the least negative impact on the ecosystem and the creatures that inhabit it. For this reason, WNCPC is very careful to follow the guidelines laid out by the State regarding the management of wildlife and other pests.

Since WNCPC takes pride in and seeks lasting results in all services offered, detailed inspections and client education are provided with every service as well as removal/management of the pests involved. A variety of preventative services are also available to deter further or future pest problems.

Wildlife control is the true specialty of WNCPC. Complaints regarding bats, raccoons, and squirrels make up the majority of calls, but WNCPC regularly responds to complaints regarding skunks, woodchuck, opossum, and other nuisance wildlife. WNCPCs wildlife damage prevention services include installation of custom-made chimney caps/vent guards, minor tree trimming, and other methods of exclusion.

In the area of general pest control, WNCPC provides basic services in only the Greater Rockford Area. We provide rodent management services, and exterior controls of common nuisance insect control. We no longer provide services for bedbugs, cockroaches or any interior insect control issues. We also do not provide termite or wood destroying insect control or inspections. WNCPC takes pride in educating clients about their pest issues to minimize further problems through IPM approach (not relying solely on chemical treatment, but incorporating all aspects of control, education & consultation, exclusion, sanitation and preventative habitat modification).

Hours of operation are typically 8 – 5 Monday through Friday.

Emergency services are currently not available, however we encourage you to call us for a consultation over the phone about your issues so that we can assess the problem and advise you on course of action. This also allows us to schedule services as soon as possible. When WNCPC receives a call regarding a complaint that a customer finds imminently threatening to themselves, other people, pets, or property, WNCPC uses their professional expertise to decipher the problem and will respond as soon as possible or will schedule a regular weekday appointment according to the needs of the client.

When Nature Calls Pest Control ® responds to calls for both residential, commercial and governmental complaints in Rockford, IL and the surrounding area. Some services are available beyond these parameters.

***The success of services often depend on client cooperation with recommendations especially those regarding sanitation and structural integrity of the property***