Pest Control

When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc. provides general pest control services to our customers as well as wildlife management. We are licensed through the Illinois Dept. of Public Health as Certified Applicators in the State of Illinois. We also certified in several “Restricted Use” categories for different pest problems. The owner of When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc. learned about pest control from the U.S. Army Dept. of Defense, Armed Forces Pest Management Board after working overseas for two years as a Pest Control Specialist on U.S. Army Camps in Kuwait. Initial training through Purdue University, US Army and ongoing on the job and required ongoing recertification credits have positioned When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc. to be well qualified to handle your pest management needs. When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc. believes in resolving the client problem through identification of the pest, education of the client, sanitation, exclusion and control. We believe in solving your issues on a long term basis rather than repeated application of chemicals in order to gain control. We do not perform inspections or treatment for WDI/WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms/Insects). Call us or e-mail us for any questions that you might have. Below are two great resources for homeowners who are thinking of doing your own pest management services.

Illinois Dept. of Public Health:

University of Illinois Extension Office / Master Gardener Program: