Bat Removal & Management From Structures

* IF YOU HAVE A BAT INSIDE THE STRUCTURE…DO NOT COME INTO CONTACT WITH IT, DO NOT KILL IT OR LET IT OUT…CALL US 24hrs / day for advice on how to proceed depending on the county services that you have available in your area (Click on the IDPH Link below for further information).

When Nature Calls Pest Control, Inc. specializes in the removal and management of bats from buildings. Bat management is a very complex and difficult process to complete effectively. It requires that you complete a very detailed inspection of the structure in order to determine species and why the bats are inside the structure (what phase of the life cycle they are in). You have to understand the biology and life cycle of bats, basic construction principles of the property, be familiar with the use of ladders and safety equipment to access nearly all sections of the property especially the roof-line, and to have the tools necessary to properly seal the entry/exit points and all potential entry/exit points of the structure. It also requires that bats be allowed to leave the structure through one way devices and not return. Those one way devices should then be removed after all bats have left the structure and sealed properly to prevent re-infestation.

Bats also have the potential to carry ectoparasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, bat bugs, bat ticks. These ectoparasites have the potential to infest the home, especially after control (removal) is completed. We are licensed through the Illinois Dept. of Public Health to treat these homes for these problems as well as being licensed through the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources.

We use BCI (Bat Conservation International) certified methods of removal and control. By following BCI’s methods of removal, there are reduced chances that bats will be trapped inside the structure and die, young won’t be left inside the structure abandoned and that the job is completed in the most effective and permanent way possible. This is also the method of control that the Illinois Dept. of Public Health advises as well. With the backing of the IDNR, IDPH and the BCI, you can be sure that our guidelines will result in the most effective control possible. Our company is poised to handle nearly any bat situation that arises, no matter how complex or difficult the situation may be. We have effectively removed colonies from single family residences on up to large scale commercial and government buildings.

Bat inspections are of paramount importance. Our inspections include accessing and investigating attic spaces for damage and signs of presence, taking digital photographs of the attic spaces and the entire exterior of the structure, walking through each room in the home to determine potential entry into the living spaces, entry points such as window a/c units or vents. We also consult with the property owner about bats and bat management efforts and give advice on how to properly manage each individual situation. Bat inspections in the vicinity of the Rockford, Illinois area are priced at $75 and above depending on your geographic location. Call us for further information or to setup an appointment for inspection.

Link to Illinois Dept. of Public Health (IDPH) Bat Management Site:

Link to University of Illinois Extension Office (Coop w/ IDNR) Bat Information Site:

Link to Bat Conservation International (BCI):

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